Stay One Step Ahead with Cloud Application Assessments

Cloud migration can get overwhelming and leave your organization with questions on where to get started. Luckily, iVision can offer guidance along the way. Our cloud application assessments help make the transition seamless, taking a holistic approach to pursue long-term success and cut costs in the process 

When it comes down to it, cloud application assessments help your organization collect three key pieces of information: 

  1. Inventory of Infrastructure & Applications Run Within It 
    Every process starts somewhere. By taking this first key step, your organization has full perspective of the upcoming cloud migration and what it entails.  

  2. Dependency Mapping Between Applications 
    Before we can start rearranging and repurposing applications, we need to make sure we don’t leave any of their friends behind. Knowing which applications run independently and which run in conjunction with one another can help build a migration plan with minimal interruptions. 

  3. Utilization Metrics for Applications & Infrastructure 
    These metrics help right-size the infrastructure during the migration and calculate the total cost to run those applications to avoid any financial surprises. 

      At iVision, we use this information and our team’s expertise to devise a cloud migration plan that best suits your organization, including a migration readiness workshop to gage your preparedness before rushing into anything. We can help from a managed services perspective, alleviating the need for your organization to hire or train these skillsets in-house, and we look beyond migration to the operation and optimization phase to promote long-term success. 

      “By looking beyond the technology and understanding your business, iVision learns what applications will help drive the most revenue and impact for your users, ensuring that your business gets the most value out of an application assessment and the subsequent migration to the public cloud,” says Ronnie Andris, Director of Cloud Solutions. 

      Looking for a way to get started? Check out iVision’s managed services offerings or contact us directly for more information. 

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