The Evolution of iVision’s Cybersecurity & Digital Strategy Practices – Pt. 2

iVision’s Cybersecurity and Digital Strategy Consulting Practices continue to gain momentum. Our experts have direct experience building and implementing solutions that can help with today’s and, more importantly, tomorrow’s IT challenges.

Recently, we shared the first part of David Degitz, CEO, and Mark Husnick, CIO-in-Residence, discussing how these two practices can benefit your business. Today, we’re sharing more insight on our experts behind the scenes and how to get started.

“In iVision, we actually have practicing executives. These aren’t just lifetime consultants. We have CIOs, ex-CIOs, former CISOs, that have been there, that have done that, that have the battle scars and understand exactly what executives are going through in the industry,” said Mark Husnick, CIO-in-Residence at iVision. “We can wear your shoes, and we can relate to what you’re being challenged with, not only in the outside world but within your company with what the boards and the executives are expecting.”

An executive’s time is extremely valuable, and it’s crucial to know when support is needed. iVision wastes no time in connecting your team with experts that will learn your business, address your concerns and align with your goals to design the perfect solution. All it takes is one conversation to get started.

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