Enhance & Modernize Your AWS Cloud Experience with a Well-Architected Review

When you invest in a tool, you want to make sure you’re getting all the value from it you can. iVision is committed to helping businesses achieve that through the AWS Well-Architected Review.  

These reviews evaluate how your business is utilizing the AWS cloud platform to help avoid pitfalls in deploying apps in the cloud, expose your team to best practices and leverage AWS services in the most strategic way possible.  

“An AWS Well-Architected Review is an opportunity for organizations to confirm that their workloads and applications are leveraging all the benefits that AWS’s cloud platform has to offer,” says Ronnie Andris, Director of Cloud Solutions at iVision. “We partner with our customers over a day of workshops to review and measure a select workload against AWS’s Well Architected Framework.” 

Following these workshops, iVision assembles an action plan for your business based on the AWS Well-Architected Pillars: 

  1. Operational Excellence 
  2. Security 
  3. Reliability 
  4. Performance Efficiency 
  5. Cost Optimization 

          iVision has abundant experience with AWS and is eager to help build your business value through this offering. Existing iVision clients can get started by reaching out to your iVision account executive, and any new customers wanting to learn more can reach us directly at solutions@ivision.com

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