Creating a Culture of Security Awareness


Cybersecurity strategies don’t just belong to the IT department. In today’s modern age, companies need to recognize that security is everyone’s job. Each department needs to be aware of security risks to protect themselves, each other, and the company from emerging threats.

Employees are the end line for security. Any user at your company, including and especially executive leadership, is a target for social engineering. Your users have credentials and access into the environment, and all organizations need to take a proactive approach to having a security-forward mindset.

“If you’re on the internet these days, you’re a target.” – Thomas Jefferies, Security Architect, iVision Click To Tweet


At iVision, we understand that cybersecurity requires a layered approach. While it’s important to implement infrastructure safeguards (like firewalls, logging and monitoring software and alerting capabilities), we go beyond technology to create a culture of security awareness. Team members undergo quarterly security awareness training that includes a post-session timed assessment to ensure understanding. On top of that, we continuously do phishing tests and other internal training to make sure our internal users can recognize and combat current risks.


“You can’t just buy a box of security and call it done,” says Eric Aslaksen, CTO at iVision. “It’s really that advanced training that we give our employees that allows us to truly safeguard our clients’ and iVision’s intellectual property.” All employees, from executive leadership down through each department, are trained on the importance of security. We know that all companies, no matter the size or type, are at risk. The best defense when it comes to security is a proactive, in-depth strategy that captures every user in the business.

Whether it’s for ourselves or our clients, we know how to implement comprehensive security safeguards that protect the business. If you’re interested in learning more, iVision’s experts can help engineer the right approach.

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