Global Law Firm Automates Disaster Recovery Failover With The iVision Cloud


Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP, an AMLAW 200 law firm, is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia but has offices and remote workers all over the globe. Because of the work that they do and the way they serve their clients, they can’t afford a lapse in coverage or a breach in their data. They need a high level of confidence that they can failover their environment without disruption and ensure overall business resilience. 

Our client cannot experience a dip in the service from our attorneys. Business resilience means that, regardless of what happens, we're able to provide those services and keep them going. - Jamie Usher, CIO, Kilpatrick Townsend Click To Tweet


Jamie Usher, Kilpatrick’s CIO, has worked with iVision for years and come to see them as trusted advisors. To ensure absolute business resilience, Jamie worked with his Director of IT, Sohail Merchant, and the team at iVision to establish a Business Continuity Management System (BCMS). The BCMS acts as a playbook for how each department in the organization, as well as strategic partners like iVision, will react when disaster strikes. What makes this BCMS special is that the team decided to run a full-scale failover to test the efficacy of the playbook and ensure no disruptions to the organization’s operations would occur. 


The failover was a success. As Sohail says, the actual IT users went about their business, fully unaware that the entire system had failed over to the data center in Dallas. 

When we articulate that to our firm management, what they understand is that, in case of a disaster, if a malware attack hits us, we're ready. - Sohail Merchant, Director of IT, Kilpatrick Townsend. Click To Tweet

In previous partnerships, the confidence in the ability of the data center to support their needs lacked. With their partnership with iVision and the cloud solutions they offer, Jamie and Sohail are confident that their business can remain resilient, no matter what.

We chose iVision over other partners because they understand the technology that we leverage, our business, and our law firm. More importantly, they have the people that understand the process of failing over. - Jamie Usher, CIO,… Click To Tweet

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