Ensuring GDPR Compliance at Brink’s, Inc.


Privacy regulations are nothing new. However, the passing of the General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) legislation has caused businesses worldwide to reevaluate their internal data governance policies and procedures. 

New regulations bring unknown implications for any company. Jessica Packard, Global IT Risk and Compliance Manager at Brink’s, Inc, reached out to iVision to help ensure compliance with GDPR. Specifically, she wanted to tackle the governance around their unstructured data.


iVision acted as a trusted partner and collaborator to help the Brink’s team to identify potential issues and streamline their process for managing this data. 


Brink’s was able to take the solutions iVision engineered to not only ensure compliance with GDPR but also apply them to:

  • SOX Audits
  • User Access Management
  • Security Alerting

As a result, the Brink’s team now has strong governance over their data management and an improved security posture overall. 

“The partnership between Brink’s and iVision is really one of collaboration and they really earned the seat at the table from the very beginning with being a collaborative and innovative partner for Brink’s; bringing opportunities to the table that we wouldn’t have been able to identify on our own.“

– Jessica Packard, Global IT Risk and Compliance Manager, Brink’s Inc.