Business Continuity Beyond IT


For Troutman Sanders, a national law firm based in Atlanta, Georgia, the concept of business resilience wasn’t new. The actual details of an all-encompassing business continuity plan, however, was. Because each department within the organization had different requirements and expectations, Pramesh Naik, Chief Information Officer, knew that he couldn’t create a continuity strategy that was only focused on their internal IT systems and processes. His strategy needed to be comprehensive and he needed a partner who could help him establish, build, and, ultimately, help them implement it.

When we started working on our IT Resiliency plan, the first thing we decided was IT can't work in isolation on this. So we brought in all the administrative chiefs and conducted a Business Impact Analysis. - Pramesh Naik, CIO Troutman… Click To Tweet


Before Naik could develop his continuity framework, he reached out to iVision to help him put together a plan. Together with Naik, iVision’s team set out to fully understand the complexities of Troutman Sander’s organization and every department that would be impacted by potential disasters. In order to get buy-in from executive leadership, the iVision team worked with Naik to conduct a thorough Business Impact Analysis. One of the key players in this conversation was the firm’s CFO, Lee Williams. With Williams’ focus on the business functions and processes that would need to remain operational and Naik’s focus on the applications and processes that support those functions, iVision was able to help their team establish a business continuity management system (BCMS) and framework for how to proceed in the event of a disaster.  

In the past, we'd had some conversations about disaster recovery. They usually were IT-focused. But we had never had a comprehensive conversation like we did with iVision. - Lee Williams, CFO Troutman Sanders Click To Tweet


As a result of iVision’s methodical approach and in-depth understanding of Troutman Sanders’ needs and expectations, Naik’s team is now equipped with an all-encompassing BCMS framework. Not only is their IT environment protected but so is every function within their organization. 

When Williams and Naik tested their plan, the outcome was incredible. “We went through the lifecycle of a client…and tested those processes through our Dallas secondary center. The reaction I got from my staff that was doing the testing was ‘Wow this was really cool. And it feels like we’re really in production,” says Williams.

When asked about why he chose to partner with iVision, Naik said, “With iVision, we get an end-to-end solution and a true partnership. We get that personalized touch, that custom solution that we’re looking for. But what we also know is in the background, iVision is working with world-class service providers and so it’s a perfect end-to-end solution that CIOs like myself are typically looking for.”

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