Self-Service Password Management Saves Time and Money

Implementing self-service password management saves a global company time and money and expands services for end users.

COMPANY: Digital and physical information management company serving more than 80,000 customers from over 300 operation centers in 25 countries.
PROJECT: Infrastructure Support



Project Overview 

The company’s internal help desk was spending too much time resetting end-user passwords. The manual process was driving up costs, and the company wanted to explore self-service options.

Transformation Delivered

iVision conducted a cost-benefit analysis of several automated solutions. Based on the results, iVision suggested the client choose Dell Password Manager as a self-service solution for resetting passwords. iVision engineers architected, designed, deployed and piloted the solution.

Business Value

The self-service Password Manager saved the company time and money by allowing employees to reset their passwords without having to contact the help desk. What’s more, it worked with a variety of operating systems and was available to users in multiple languages.

Solution Partner

Dell Software