IT Roadmap Shows Weaknesses in Infrastructure and Details a Plan to Mitigate Risks

An IT roadmap shows a new CIO the weaknesses in his company’s infrastructure and details a plan to mitigate risks.

COMPANY: Nationally recognized broker/dealer catering to institutional investors.


Project Overview  

The new chief information officer wanted an assessment of the company’s data center, networks, exchanges, active directory and more — all of which had been built and expanded piece by piece over many years. The CIO wanted to gauge what it would take to update the infrastructure to better support the business.

Transformation Delivered

iVision engineers conducted an on-site evaluation, documenting the current state of the company’s infrastructure, highlighting risks and making recommendations for mitigation and modernization. The iVision team created a 36-month IT roadmap, which included budget calculations for all project phases.

Business Value

The assessment allowed the CIO to understand the condition of his company’s infrastructure, and the IT roadmap thoroughly detailed what it would take to create a cohesive data center strategy and to complete the needed modernization. The company then hired iVision to execute the plan, which included upgrading branch sites, creating wide-area network (WAN) redundancy, migrating the data center to a co-location site and instituting a well-defined backup and recovery strategy using iVision’s Fusion Protect and Fusion Recovery offerings.

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