IT Roadmap Outlines Benefits of Network Modernization

A detailed IT roadmap outlines benefits of network modernization and how to make it happen.

COMPANY: Southeast-based drug and medical device developer affiliated with nearly 500 scientists and engineers working on health-related advancements.
PROJECT: Networking


Project Overview

The organization’s networks needed major updates in order to accommodate technological and security demands, as well as to adhere to industry best practices. 

Transformation Delivered

iVision engineers conducted an on-site evaluation of existing networks and discovered weaknesses ranging from archaic local-area and wide-area network technology to insufficient security and inadequate network capacity to run business applications and voice/video communications. The iVision team documented the existing state of the organization’s infrastructure, recommended modernizations and created a 24-month roadmap for network upgrades that included budget calculations for each project phase.

Business Value

The organization determined that following the detailed IT roadmap for network improvements would increase network resiliency and researchers’ productivity and collaboration.

Solution Partner

Cisco Partner