Platform Upgrade Gives Client Confidence to Expand Business

An application and platform upgrade lets a client expand its business with confidence.

COMPANY: One of world’s largest reinsurers, the firm writes more than $1.5 billion in premiums annually and operates on three continents.
PROJECT: Application Development- Business Applications

Project Overview

The company’s core business software relied on a legacy platform that could not ramp up to accommodate the additional functionality required by growth and industry changes. However, any improvements to the application needed to happen in a short development cycle that would not significantly disrupt business operations.

Transformation Delivered

iVision engineers worked alongside the company’s IT staff, using an agile approach for the application modernization. Within three months, they created a prototype. They then launched the full re-platforming project, presenting working code every two weeks. Their agile approach sped up the production cycle and provided the client with a clear, ongoing view of progress. Ultimately, they successfully moved the legacy software to a .NET application and SQL Server backend platform.

Business Value

The upgraded platform dramatically improved the functionality and scalability of the company’s core business application. The company was able to grow its business with confidence that its application platform could support the expansion.

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