By Offloading Routine Tasks, IT Team Focuses on Strategy

By offloading routine technology tasks, a law firm’s IT team gains time to focus on strategic initiatives that benefit the business.

COMPANY: Labor and employment law firm with offices throughout the U.S.
PROJECT: iVision Enterprise Cloud


Project Overview  

The firm’s IT team was managing several major projects at the same time, including migrating infrastructure to new hardware in a new data center and upgrading virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and imaging. After the transformation was underway, the firm began the process of merging with another firm, which expanded the IT work and added complexity. The firm’s IT staff needed to stay focused on the projects, but without compromising service levels on backups and data protection of mission-critical business data.

Transformation Delivered

iVision provided a fully managed hybrid-cloud backup service (BaaS) through its Fusion Protect offering. The service included the infrastructure, operations, management and service levels the firm required with 24/7 backup and data protection.

Business Value

With iVision handling 24/7 backup and data protection demands, the firm’s IT team could stay focused on completing the IT transformation — getting the work done in under four months. During that time, IT team members also were able to travel around the country to set up offices being incorporated into the firm’s post-merger structure. The firm’s new CIO was able to show immediate rapid results and benefits to the business.

Solution Partners

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