Numerex Corp. Engages iVision to Gain Visibility into IoT

AT-A-GLANCE: Numerex Corp. engages iVision to help solve three key problems. With iVision’s application development services, they gained real-time views of wireless network capacity, allowing them to reallocate bandwidth on demand and reduce carrier costs.
Numerex Corp. Engages iVision to Gain Visibility into IoT: Numerex Client TestimonialCOMPANY: Numerex Corp., a leading provider of Internet of Things solutions
PROJECT: Application Development and Continuous Deployment
Project Overview

Numerex Corp., a leading provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions including energy, security, financial services, health care and supply chain, called on iVision to help solve three key problems.

• The company needed a way to immediately visualize the high volume of data transmitted by network-based devices it uses to monitor and manage clients’ business assets. Such visualization would allow its clients to act upon the data in real-time.

• Numerex wanted a real-time view of the operational health of its IoT devices, including a way to receive alerts anytime a device was behaving outside the norm. The aim was twofold: to speed up response time and increase security.

• The company was looking for a way to manage wireless network capacity according to demand – sending bandwidth where it was needed, as it was needed – to increase speed, reduce network consumption costs and use those savings to reduce prices for customers and increase competitive edge.

Numerex’s upgraded system can run diagnostics, sense abnormal device operations, ping for attention and provide historical metrics to enable analytics and action.

Transformation Delivered

iVision was brought in early and played a major role in every phase of the project, using an agile approach, aided by Visual Studio Team Services collaboration tools, to move progress along with nimbleness and transparency. Engineers from iVision worked alongside the client’s IT team at the conceptual stage, defining the business needs and clarifying the challenges. They conducted a discovery phase, assessing the performance of existing infrastructure and the volume characteristics of data flows.

The iVision engineers analyzed requirements, then indentified and installed technology solutions, dividing them into frontend and backend components. The solutions included Redis, Microsoft.NET, AngularJS, SignalR, C#, ASP.NET, Web API and Telerik® Kendo UI.

The iterative agile approach kept the project moving along, even during heavy-duty development phases. The team built custom applications to enable data visulaization and continuous deployment across available networks. Along the way, iVision led the Numerex team through the agile process, which the company has since adopted to bring its other projects to a new level. Finally, iVision thoroughly tested the solutions to ensure they would work in real-time under real world conditions.

Numerex’s IoT services got “smarter” because of the work done by iVision engineers.

Business Value

The solutions delivered by iVision allowed Numerex to immediately visualize data it collected, making it meaningful and instantly actionable. The visualization also helped the company understand its data flow peaks and valleys, so it could proactively predict how data volumes would change over time.

“What we were asking for was hard and it required deep-dive telecom engineering. I wanted it to be hard so that it would be a differentiator and something difficult for our competitors to copy. I wasn’t completely sure we could pull it off. iVision took ownership of the idea and brought it even above what we were expecting.” -Steven Baker, Numerex

Numerex’s IoT services got “smarter” because of the work done by iVision engineers. Now the system can run diagnostics; sense abnormal device operations; ping for attention; and provide historical metrics to enable analysis and action. This allows swift reaction to issues, which improves performance and creates another line of defense against security threats from hackers. Numerex Vice President of Product Management and Marketing, Steven Baker, reported he can now spot an outage within seconds, before customers even know about it.

The company gained a real-time view of wireless network capacity, reallocating bandwidth on demand to boost performance and reduce carrier costs. Numerex saves about 30% on its carrier costs as a result of iVision’s system improvements. “We can plow that money back into customer savings,” said Baker, “and further differentiate ourselves from the competition.”

Finally, the company gained an unexpected benefit from the solutions that iVision’s engineering team delivered: Visualization allowed Numerex to see which devices were hogging bandwidth and fix them – a major step toward future cost avoidance.