Multi-tenant Application Modernizes Reporting and Saves Money

A multi-tenant application running on a single server modernizes reporting and saves time and money.

COMPANY: One of the largest alcoholic beverage distributors in the United States, ranked on the Forbes 100 list of privately held companies.
PROJECT: Application Development


Project Overview

The company’s reports were distributed via a system using legacy software that was outdated as well as difficult to maintain and update. Some aspects of the software could not be maintained at all because parts of the source code were missing. In addition, the legacy software had to be manually installed in each business location; the result was a plethora of servers hosting the application.

Transformation Delivered

The iVision team rewrote the software as a multi-tenant application that runs on a single SQL Server, using Entity Framework and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). The application can be administered remotely via a shared network that connects multiple sites.

Business Value

The multi-tenant application increased reporting transparency. The modernized platform has the flexibility to accommodate growth and operational changes. By consolidating many servers to just one, the company saves time and money, simplifies maintenance, and upgrades.

Solution Partners

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