Moving to the Cloud Cuts Costs and Improves Infrastructure

Moving application lifecycle management to the cloud cuts costs and improves infrastructure configuration.

COMPANY: Medical communication and education services provider for the biopharmaceutical industry.
PROJECT: Application Development


Project Overview

The company wanted to move its on-premise application lifecycle management (ALM) infrastructure to the cloud to reduce cost and overhead, as well as improve its infrastructure configuration. The change would require changing processes and educating staff.

Transformation Delivered

Using an agile approach, iVision migrated over 50 software projects and 10 gigabytes of source code to a cloud-based configuration. The transfer required continuous integration and deployment; custom creation; and training of internal staff. The iVision team used Visual Studio Team Services to manage the project according to agile principles.

Business Value

Eliminating servers and processes associated with on-premise ALM greatly reduced the company’s equipment and software licensing costs. The company adopted the agile methodology learned through the project and used it to increase the speed and transparency of other key projects.

Solution Partner

Visual Studio