Malware-Detecting Proof of Concept Reveals Weaknesses

A malware-detecting proof of concept reveals network weaknesses and leads to improved digital security.

COMPANY: Global, multi-billion dollar consumer and commercial services company with major pest control subsidiary.
PROJECT: Security


Project Overview 

Despite layers of digital security solutions, the company continued to have issues. Malware-related prompts were frequently popping up on employees’ devices, and the company wanted to know if any intrusions had penetrated its network security.

Transformation Delivered

iVision and cyber-security firm Damballa teamed up to create a proof-of-concept plan for solving the problems. They tested the concept by installing a Damballa malware-detection appliance to supplement existing security solutions. The team discovered dozens detected, including several high-risk intrusions not detected by existing security solutions. The company’s internal team was able to use these findings to quarantine and remove them.

Business Value

The proof-of-concept results were so persuasive that the company added the detection appliance to its suite of digital security solutions.

Solution Partner