Intranet Upgrade Modernized Platforms without Disrupting Lawyers’ Work

An intranet upgrade implemented with extensive testing modernized platforms without disrupting lawyers’ work.

COMPANY: An intellectual property law firm with national reach.
PROJECT: Infrastructure Services


Project Overview

The firm’s heavily customized SharePoint 2007 intranet was running on Windows 2003, and support was about to end. The firm needed to migrate to an updated version while minimizing the risk of disruption or an outage.

Transformation Delivered

iVision worked with the firm to architect and design a new platform based on most recent versions of SharePoint and Windows. The migration plan focused on reducing the overall risk by including extensive testing prior to the role out.

Business Value

The firm moved to an updated, supported platform. Due to the extensive testing issues were identified before the rollout meaning the attorneys and staff did not experience disruptions in their work.

Solution Partner