Integrated System Increases Interoffice Communication and Cuts Costs

The integrated telephony installation of one unified system increases interoffice communication, productivity and cuts costs.


COMPANY: Leading Southeast law firm with offices spread across two states, serving clients in more than 50 industries and practice areas.
PROJECT: Converged Network
Project Overview

The firm had a legacy Nortel Option 11 phone system with no integration between offices. Long-distance charges created significant costs every month, especially because employees had few alternatives, such as video or instant messaging, for quick interoffice communications.

Transformation Delivered

iVision led implementation of a Cisco CallManager with voice, voicemail, instant messaging and video capabilities that put all of the law firm’s offices on a single system.

Business Value

The firm’s employees were able to connect via one unified voice system and also communicate via instant messaging or video conferencing.

Long-distance costs dropped significantly. The firm was so pleased with the implementation, it engaged iVision to manage its telephony environment, including the Cisco system.

Solution Partners

iVision led system implementation of Cisco CallManager.