Full-Service Approach Prepares an Internal IT Team for Future Support

A full-service approach identifies server problems, solves them and prepares an internal IT team for future support.

COMPANY: A leading Southeast law firm with 20 offices and more than 30 practice areas.
PROJECT: Infrastructure Support


Project Overview

The firm was having issues with its System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) environment which it relies on for operating system and application deployments, patch management and centralized reporting. The internal IT team brought in iVision to diagnose the cause of the problems and come up with solutions.

Transformation Delivered

In conjunction with the firm’s staff, iVision engineers created a roadmap for remediation then followed the methodical, step-by-step approach to identify the sources of the problems and remediate them one by one. iVision documented the solution and worked alongside the internal IT team to ensure knowledge transfer along the way.

Business Value

The firm’s SCCM environment was stabilized, enabling smoother deployments and reporting, as well as improved security compliance. In addition, the internal staff’s hands-on experience working alongside iVision ensured they were prepared to support the environment moving forward.

Solution Partner