Detailed Testing Reveals Application Weaknesses Ahead of a Global Rollout

Detailed testing simulates server demand and reveals application weaknesses ahead of a global rollout. 

COMPANY: Law firm ranked among Am Law top 50; 800 lawyers in 17 offices handling legal matters in over 160 countries.
PROJECT: Application Development


Project Overview

Before launching a custom, Web-based workflow software designed to serve offices worldwide, the firm needed to test the application and understand how much server capacity would be needed to run it quickly and reliably.

Transformation Delivered

iVision engineers used Visual Studio Test Professional to set up test loads, simulating simultaneous connections of up to 200 users performing typical workflow tasks. They enhanced the simulations with a custom-built apparatus that fine-tuned criteria to specific environments. In all, the iVision team collected more than – 67 million client experience and performance metrics across the entire server network. Testing revealed several areas of weakness and risk, and the engineers worked with internal IT staff to resolve the issues.

Business Value

Once the problems identified through the detailed testing were addressed, the workflow software performed more than 20 times more efficiently. The internal IT team was able to accurately gauge required server capacity as well as properly support the application across the firm’s global operations.

Solution Partner

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