Custom Application Provides Robust Functionality

A custom application provides robust functionality, auditing capabilities and the flexibility to grow.

COMPANYEnergy-trading division for a major reinsurance company with global operations.
PROJECT: Application Development- Business Applications


Project Overview

To run its energy-trading business, the client needed a reliable software platform with robust auditing capabilities and the ability to add functionality based on business demands.

Transformation Delivered

A team of iVision engineers and the client’s internal IT staff employed agile methodology to develop a “green field” custom application, delivering code in two-week sprints. They developed a .NET application with a SQL Server backend — a technology solution designed to meet the client’s evolving business needs.

Business Value

The application platform gives the energy-trading division the ability to meet current business and regulatory demands. It also allows the client to add functionality to accommodate growth or business changes. Based on the success of the custom application, the division’s parent company began assessing whether the technology architecture and platform could be used elsewhere in its operations.

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