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Case Studies

Cloud-based Backup Gives Internal IT Team Extra Hours Each Day For Strategic Technology Initiatives

iVision’s cloud-based backup and archiving service gives the firm’s internal IT team an extra one to two hours each day to work on strategic technology initiatives.


COMPANY: Constangy, Brooks, Smith & Prophete LLP

PROJECT: Data backup and archiving


Project Overview

In a matter of months, Atlanta-based labor and employment law firm Constangy, Brooks, Smith & Prophete underwent more change than many legal firms experience in a decade. It started with an information technology overhaul — dubbed “The Transformation” — to update Constangy’s infrastructure and enhance how the firm used technology to drive business performance. Then, just as the IT project was in full swing, Constangy embarked on an expansion that added more than 30 attorneys and three new offices. The firm increased its ranks to more than 170 lawyers operating from 28 offices in 16 states.

The expansion intensified the urgency for Chief Information Officer Pramesh Naik and his 10-person IT team to move to a more secure, less laborintensive data backup and archiving process. Naik had worked with iVision teams before and trusted their ability to deliver IT solutions that solved business problems. He called on iVision to help meet this challenge.


“We are a law firm. We don’t want to be in the business of running IT.”

– Pramesh Naik, Chief Information Officer, Constangy, Brooks, Smith & Prophete


Transformation Delivered

“When we called in iVision, our firm was still backing up data to tape,” Naik said. “The process required manual intervention, and it presented risks from running out of tape to transporting the tapes to offsite storage.” iVision’s team of engineers helped Naik fully assess those risks and come up with a plan to mitigate them. The plan aligned with the firm’s key business objectives, such as accommodating lawyers’ increasing use of mobile devices and meeting clients’ demands for increased data security. 

Ultimately, iVision’s engineers recommended Constangy move to Fusion Protect, a cloud-based backup and archiving service managed 24/7 by the iVision Global Support Team. Naik saw it as an ideal solution. “Fusion Protect was exactly what we were looking for from a reliability perspective,” he explained. “It’s a service we can treat like a utility. It’s scalable. It provides a more predictable cost. I don’t have to worry about tapes or transport. It’s a way for us to mitigate a lot of risk.” The implementation took three months, and the iVision team managed it from start to finish. “iVision does a good job of managing projects — gathering requirements, keeping you informed, drawing the timeline accurately,” Naik said.


“Fusion Protect was exactly what we were looking for from a reliability perspective. It’s a service we can treat like a utility. It’s scalable. It provides a more predictable cost. … It’s a way for us to mitigate a lot of risk.”
– Pramesh Naik, CIO 


Business Value

Naik estimates iVision’s Fusion Protect service gives his IT team an extra one to two hours each day to work on strategic technology initiatives that drive the firm’s business — a much more valuable use of internal resources than backing up data. “Also, we don’t have to buy backup software. We don’t have to buy tapes. We don’t have to buy and manage any offsite storage,” he explained. “We are a law firm. We don’t want to be in the business of running IT.” 

Fusion Protect’s cloud-based backup and archiving is more robust and offers greater benefits to Constangy’s business operations than the old manual processes. For example, soon after the service went live, Constangy was able to recover an essential spreadsheet housed on a paralegal’s laptop after the file was corrupted. The process of locating an uncorrupted version of the file in Constangy’s cloud-based archives and restoring the file took just a few hours. 

What’s more, the cloud-based service allows Constangy to give clients a more confident response when they ask about data protection and security, Naik said. “Fusion Protect puts us at the leading edge of data backup and archiving, and that’s a great marketing tool for our firm.”