We help deliver and access more content over mobile devices, overcome BYOD infrastructure and network strains, share work and explore securely.

iVision Enterprise Mobility Benefits

  • Responsive designs
    Improved user experience with responsive mobile-ready and cloud-ready designs, and native mobile portals and applications.
  • Lowering recurring provider costs
    More effective use of WAN resources lowers recurring provider costs
  • Greater visibility
    Greater visibility of network resources permits more effective allocation and peak performance tweaks.
  • 24x7x365
    24x7x365 network monitoring and support improves availability and health.
  • BYOD strategy
    Network and wireless architecture to support BYOD strategy and improve security protocol.
  • Effective load balancing
    Effective load balancing across network resources, servers, and data centers.
  • Improved employee productivity
    Improved employee productivity and ease of administration
  • Unified interfaces
    Unified interface for phone, instant messaging and video
  • Streamlined communications
    Reduced costs through streamlined communication
  • Consumption analytics
    Consumption and feature-based analytics to better understand usage patterns and prioritize business initiatives to enhance and deliver future applications
  • Mobile applications
    Mobile applications that deliver on-demand, necessary information effectively and with less drain on company network and data resources.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
    Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with customized mobile applications and support.

More over mobile:
More quickly and more securely.

Now more than ever, customers are demanding secure access to information and business applications from any place at any time on any device.

Businesses are responding to the growing demand for real-time information, efficient applications and better user interface (UI) experiences. To be effective, businesses must be able to deliver responsive apps to a variety of targeted devices ranging from desktops to laptops, tablets, slates and smartphones – and find ways to manage security policies and analyze usage and consumption for mobile devices.

At iVision, we work with you to help expand your capabilities to proactively address and respond to technology trends and movements such as bring your own device (BYOD) in the work place, how to manage the Internet of Things (IofT) (a.k.a. the Internet of Everything IoE), how best to scale and configure network infrastructure, and finding help to create responsive web design and native mobile applications. iVision helps you share valuable information more securely, faster and at any time, from anywhere and on any device.

“iVision has a sterling reputation. We were impressed with iVision’s practical, results-oriented approach to getting things done.”

- CIO, information life cycle management firm


BYOD culture is inevitable, but a mobile-ready infrastructure doesn’t happen automatically. Enterprise Mobility Services empower your business to embrace BYOD culture and enable effective and secure collaboration.

iVision offers enterprise mobility services and consulting including enterprise mobile application development with our team of converged network experts, infrastructure and mobile developers who evaluate the mobility landscape to create a more balanced and healthy system optimized for demands like BYOD, high volumes of video and web conferencing, and cyclical reporting events. Our experts at iVision cover a broad spectrum of solutions including load balancing, peak performance adjustments and providing more sustained and dedicated bandwidth for certain preferences, users and applications.

Through experience, analysis and predictive modeling, we help architect responsive mobile-ready and cloud-ready applications, simplify your network infrastructure, update your service platforms, contribute our knowledge share to meet today’s standards and prepare your teams for future adaptation.

As the need for business intelligence (BI) grows and mobile workforces increase, mobile devices will consume exponentially more web services, further expanding the need for cloud services, security and collaboration platforms that reach beyond your office walls and known geographic borders. Network engineers need nimble collaboration software and hardware with modern applications and expert resources at their fingertips with ready-to-deploy tested solutions.

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