Times are changing the way we view and work with applications. We develop smart design solutions for mobile applications, integrate cloud-ready web services and deliver 5-star user experiences.

Mobile Application Development Capabilities

  • Options
    Provide experts in mobile application design and development for a variety of modern, cost-effective mobile development solutions
  • Responsive and Mobile-first
    Design responsive and mobile-first websites and applications using modern web technologies, i.e. HTML5, CSS3, JQuery Mobile and more
  • Cloud-ready

    Prepare applications for cloud migration or introduction with cloud-ready solutions from design to networking, storage, queries and web services access
  • Cross-platform JavaScript
    Access native device functions and combine with UI framework and standard web technologies using Apache Cordova cross-platform JavaScript development for Android, iOS and Windows Phone
  • Cross-platform C#
    Create and share code for user interfaces, profilers and analytics across mobile platforms with Xamarin for Android, iOS and Windows Phone
  • Web Services
    Engage early with our in-house cloud and mobile expertise to help integrate and clean up web services protocol (Web API, REST)
  • Analytics
    Make mobile analytics and consumption reporting a glowing part of your strategy and use it to support improvements and new developments
  • Partners & Products
    Learn more about our trusted resources. Our partner relationships and product choices embody modern perspectives rooted in years of experience, quality assurance and future outlook.

Modern: Responsive, mobile-first web design and cross-platform agility.

Nearly 60% of the US adult population uses smartphones and over 40% tablets. Globally, 109 million wearable devices generated 15 PB per month in 2014. The numbers keep climbing.

You already know you need dynamic mobile applications, not just for smartphones, but also, for the 320+ million tablets that analysts expect will ship globally this year. Add that number to the many mobile devices and operating systems already dominating the market.

Requirements and priorities change quickly. You don’t have time to develop a website and wait while your mobile scene trails along. Responsive design may be enough, or you may want a mobile-first design approach. A key focus is on improving user experience (UX), deployment and maintenance with cross-platform development that serves many mobile devices with less expense. We help you deliver your mobile brand, products and services to any mobile device.

Through all the hurdles of browsers, mobile operating systems, platforms and applications, our experts help you navigate the details and your audiences.

We build an engaging customer experience with intuitive user interfaces (UI) and high-performing web services. Our solutions are secure, resilient, scalable and adaptable.

Ask our expert team of responsive, mobile-first designers and developers about your projects. We develop cross-platform JavaScript solutions for Android, iOS and Windows applications using Apache Cordova, or cross-platform .NET with Xamarin. We employ standard web technologies, such as HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, XML, SQL and media queries. Focused on the end-user experience, we deliver new functionality through an iterative design and Agile development approach, providing a nimble team to execute quick changes when priorities shift.

Cloud-ready solutions, web services and consumption analytics.

Ask our cloud experts how to methodically create cloud-ready applications during design or re-design phases and save on potentially costly mistakes.

Optimizing your applications and your budget, we design, architect and transform your websites and mobile applications for life in private, hybrid and public cloud distributed services ecosystems. We provide mobile cloud services infrastructure support, bringing you our technology experts in Cloud Services, Mobile Application Development, Systems and Networking. We work with you to develop a cohesive roadmap for your applications, and deliver the customized support you need.

Navigating the many web services options, mobile cloud design and development needs, as well as cross-platform delivery options can be tricky. We practice intervention! Let our experts help you structure the design phase and development operations cycles as early as possible to avoid potential problems and more costly projects down the road.

Whether it’s Web API’s, REST or other needed skill sets, we develop and manage the process for creating and maintaining applications and their many iterations, integrations projects and feedback loops.

Through all the changes and new feature sets, it’s important to keep track of what your users need and use. We work with you and your reporting teams to provide better data visibility, insights, consumption analytics and predictive modeling. Ultimately, your mobile applications perform faster and smarter.