Even compelling business deals can fail because of flawed IT integration. We can help you draft a technology integration plan that sets the stage for a successful merger.

Cost containment.
Improved efficiency. Risk reduction.

Information technology is too essential to be an afterthought. Yet many mergers and acquisitions don’t take IT integration into account.

Mergers and acquisitions create business opportunities, but they also pose major integration challenges that require effective change management — from the people within an organization to the information technology systems they use to get work done. Whose IT system will become the new standard? Who’s in charge of managing and securing it? What will happen to IT assets that are no longer needed?

We work with you to craft a cost-saving, productivity-boosting technology integration strategy that smoothes the merger process and supports your business objectives.

We start by inventorying hardware, software and IT services. We map technology environments and clarify the plan for bringing IT systems together. If there’s not a plan, we help you create one.

Adequately planning the IT component of a mergers and acquisitions transaction boosts operational efficiency, saves time and money, reduces friction and ensures the IT system that emerges from the deal can drive business goals.