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IT Asset Maintenance Services

Tap into engineering excellence right when you need it.

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Change Management

Get the awe of technology transformation, without the shock.

Business success is built on people, processes and technology, and any change affects all three. We apply proven change and project-management principles to your IT transformation, helping ensure your people, processes and technology stay aligned for success from planning to rollout and beyond. We know what works — and doesn’t — when navigating technology changes.

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IT Asset Tracking

Think about strategic plans, not serial numbers.

Keeping tabs on your IT assets is important work, but it’s not strategic. Keep your internal IT staff focused on initiatives that drive your business, and let us track your hardware, software and associated components. You’ll gain efficiencies and reduce warranty and staffing costs. Plus, our custom reports ensure you’ll always know the status of the IT assets that your business depends upon.

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IT Contract Management

Benefit from expert advice at the negotiating table and beyond.

Just keeping up with your IT contracts is daunting enough, but ensuring that they actually deliver the promised value — that’s a job best left to the experts. Our engineers have deep knowledge of the latest hardware, software and cloud-based services on the market, as well IT contract cycles and requirements. We pair that intelligence with a thorough understanding of your business needs to ensure you get what you need on the front end and maximize your return on investment throughout the life of the contract.

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Maintenance Renewals

Your business relies on your technology infrastructure, so it’s essential to keep it secure and running smoothly.

iTrax offers a single, client-facing portal with access to a comprehensive, searchable maintenance and renewal catalog that combines data from different sources, i.e.reseller and distributor data, vendor registrations, purchase orders, SKUs and more, all in one place.

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BBQing Made Easy with LogicMonitor

iVision CTO, Eric Aslaksen, wrote this post for LogicMonitor and it’s too exciting not to share! Announcing the Tappecue Datasource! This is the first year that we’ve participated in the Pick’n In Grant Park BBQ Competition whose proceeds go towards the preserving the historic Grant Park in Atlanta. This year’s competition brought together 15 professional […]

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