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Atlanta Angular 2 Instructor-Led Training

Master Angular Development

Google’s Angular framework is designed to facilitate rapid development and stable delivery of Single Page Applications (SPA). Mastering the framework will empower developers to deliver cross-platform applications, ranging from progressive and responsive websites to mobile and even desktop-based applications. Angular itself relies on several supporting technologies including the Reactive library (RxJS), the TypeScript superset of JavaScript, and Webpack (a tool for optimizing the packaging and delivery of web-based apps).

Hands on Experience

iVision’s application development team is uniquely positioned to deliver Angular training. iVision team members have years of experience working on Angular applications across all versions. Some team members have worked with the framework from the beta version and are even GitHub contributors. Projects have ranged from short two-week, one developer proof-of-concept deliverables to multi-year, globally distributed teams delivering enterprise solutions that span the full spectrum of corporate services from pre-sales through delivery.

Our training classes aren’t just based on hypothetical projects or the online documentation. We leverage our hands-on experience to provide practical best practices, integrate lessons learned, and tap into case studies to optimize how projects are built, managed, and delivered. With in-depth experience delivering full DevOps with an Agile framework, we are also able to share strategies for automated testing and deployment.

Oursite, Onsite, or Online

We can deliver the course that fits your needs. This includes a turn-key solution where your team simply shows up at a venue with the space, laptops, and food provided. Your team doesn’t have to worry about security policies on their own machines or challenges with corporate images. We’re also able to come onsite and deliver the training in your space on your machines. We have experience with cross-platform tools and technologies to streamline Angular development regardless of your platform. Finally, we can also provide online courses and webinars if your team is remote, or that approach is more cost effective.

Customized for You

“Out of the box” Training

Our training is customized based on what you need. We can provide “out of the box” training that covers:

  • Introduction to Angular
  • Understanding TypeScript
  • The Angular Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Angular Components, Directives, and Pipes
  • Dependency Injection
  • Data-Binding
  • RxJs
  • Routing
  • Automated Unit Testing
  • Containerizing Angular Apps
  • Integrating Third-party Libraries
Customizable Options

We are able to add custom modules that focus on your requirements, such as building Node.JS services, leveraging .NET Core, connecting to backend databases, or deploying apps with Docker. We also provide onsite workshops where we review your existing projects and provide interactive feedback instead of following a pre-defined course outline.


  • Choosing an IDE
  • Debugging
  • Setting up continuous integration and deployment


What’s Next?

At iVision we are passionate about learning and growth and seek to earn clients for life. Use the contact form below and we will be in touch to better understand your specific training needs and provide a solution that will empower your team to reach the next level.