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Our products, services and cost-controlling infrastructure allow lawyers to securely collaborate with clients — and one another — anywhere in the world. We help law firms build IT environments that align with their clients’ security expectations. We enable and support backup and recovery capabilities and help firms achieve compliance around data-archiving regulations. In addition, our Mergers & Acquisitions services facilitate smooth IT integration that yields success.

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Enlisting Experts to Assist with Design Enables an Internal IT Team Major Application Upgrade

Enlisting experts to assist with design and planning enables an internal IT team to successfully go solo on a major application upgrade. Read More

By Offloading Routine Tasks, IT Team Focuses on Strategy

By offloading routine technology tasks, a law firm’s IT team gains time to focus on strategic initiatives that benefit the business. Read More

Intranet Upgrade Modernized Platforms without Disrupting Lawyers’ Work

An intranet upgrade implemented with extensive testing modernized platforms without disrupting lawyers’ work. Read More

Full-Service Approach Prepares an Internal IT Team for Future Support

A full-service approach identifies server problems, solves them and prepares an internal IT team for future support. Read More

Data Center Automation Enables IT Staff to Concentrate on Technology Projects

Data center automation enables IT staff to concentrate on technology projects aligned with business goals. Read More

Network-Enhancing Software and Improved Data Pathways Reduces Backup Times

Network-enhancing software and improved data pathways reduces backup times; improves recovery and security; and boosts network performance. Read More

Data Center Refresh Increases Digital Security and Boosts Productivity

A data center refresh increases digital security and boosts productivity. Read More

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