We help you architect and support data center environments to include virtual infrastructure, unified storage, high-availability systems, data management processes and plans for business continuity.

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iVision Data Center Benefits

  • Manage budgets
    Ability to better manage budgets and create value for the company
  • Simplify
    Simplified technology vendor management
  • Proactive
    Proactively enabling the IT organization to meet the demands of your business
  • Cloud without risks
    Receive the benefits of cloud solutions without the risks
  • Backups
    Complete backups within the permitted backup window and improve availability
  • On-demand failover
    Automate business continuity and disaster recovery with on-demand failover testing
  • Exceed RPOs
    Meet and exceed recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO) objectives
  • Flexibility
    Flexibility to run technology services on-premise or offer Technology-as-a-Service (TaaS)
  • Partners & Products
    Learn more about our trusted resources. Our partner relationships and product choices embody modern perspectives rooted in years of experience, quality assurance and future outlook.

Dynamic architecture:
High-availability. Low-fault tolerance. Load balanced.

iVision architects and transforms data centers into low-risk, high-availability designs that emphasize important workflows, create secure collaborative environments and support dynamic resource allocation.

Our data center architects work with you to implement elastic and dynamic data center solutions for computing, networking, virtualization, storage, back up and recovery using methods and infrastructure technology that share and disperse operational costs and flex with your business needs. We create data centers that automatically expand and allocate for improved on-demand business unit services within your enterprise and with the least amount of resources. Our consultants work to maximize your performance and efficiencies with high-availability systems, low-fault tolerance strategies, and on-demand load balancing solutions.

Our consultants are experts in data center infrastructure and services. With a 100% retention rate for on-prem, colocation and cloud managed services, iVision’s Data Center Practice and support teams continue to work with new clients who want to achieve higher business performance objectives with even fewer resources.

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Infrastructure support

Hybrid cloud services with virtualization changes everything for data centers and productivity.

Many organizations are moving away from aging infrastructure and looking to data centers to provide a better means for delivering server and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Whether it’s through colocation agreements or hybrid cloud services, businesses everywhere are looking to data center services for virtual infrastructure.

Virtual environments architected for hybrid cloud services create a more flexible and adaptive infrastructure that is capable of managing unexpected growth or shifting resources, and is far less costly for you to administer and maintain. iVision works with you and your team to deliver virtualization services for your business through an organized and well-managed data center with hybrid on-premises and private cloud services options. iVision provides virtual infrastructure services for your data center, such as virtual machines (VMs), virtual desktops, virtual applications, virtual storage, virtual disk services, virtual development environments, virtual private networks, and more.

We can help you organize and reel-in virtual machine sprawl, allow for easier provisioning, develop more options for implementing new technology, shorten development cycles and demonstrate new ways to deliver improved productivity performance. Through data center services and hybrid cloud service technology, we work to improve your overall virtual computing experience while helping to convert CAPEX expenditures to OPEX (reducing risk and tax liability).

iVision + vmware delivers

Thousands of companies across the globe depend on VMware for their on-premise private cloud infrastructure. With VMware vCloud Air, we can help businesses evolve their infrastructure into a true hybrid cloud model with dedicated or shared Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) options built to scale with the interoperability of your existing VMware-based infrastructure. Create a seamless transition for your workloads from on-prem to off-prem and back it up with the confidence you’ve come to trust with VMware virtualization technologies.

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“The fact is iVision is committed to the firm’s success as much as I am. You can’t find that working with other firms, and that is why the partnership continues to grow and evolve.”

- CTO, leading private prep school

Unified storage: converged. Flash. Fabric.

Unified Storage systems are a driving force for modern data center infrastructure and a key component for delivering improved efficiencies and reducing IT management costs.

Our storage experts implement best-of-breed technologies, leveraging key services and partnerships to accelerate and expand storage and delivery capabilities. iVision configures unified storage systems including storage area network with network-attached storage (SAN and NAS). We provide and support high-performing and cost-effective storage solutions such as all-flash arrays with or without deduplication, replication and inline compression features; options for all-solid-state disks (all-SSD); virtual storage-area networks (VSANs); and fabric-attached storage (FAS) systems.

Eliminating performance bottlenecks through modern storage and enterprise network infrastructure, we move your organization away from common traditional IT environments made up of silos and patch-worked storage and networking to a more stable and modern storage model. With better performance visibility, monitoring dashboards and tiered storage architecture, our data center services transform productivity.

Sometimes the most complex episodes involve the integrations and communications between vendors. Our consultants know what’s important for your business needs, what works well together, how to architect the best configurations, and how to create and manage your storage systems.

Planning: proactive management with quick recovery when things go wrong.

iVision prepares data centers and services to proactively address business continuity planning, off-site backup, quick recovery and disaster recovery readiness. Secure and reliable backups with quick recovery and help to meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are important roles for data center services. We work with you to implement infrastructure for backups and recovery, as well as deliver managed services for systematic backups, seamless failover testing and remote site recovery.

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