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David Degitz

David Degitz

David Degitz

David Degitz is the President and Chief Operating Officer of iVision, Inc.

David has steered iVision’s expansion into additional lines of business since he joined our company in 2007. During that time, our annual revenue has grown from US$3.7 million to more than US$50 million. Today, David oversees the implementation of our strategic business plans. He is responsible for setting our financial and operational goals and ensuring we reach them.

With nearly two decades of technology-integration experience at early- and mid-stage software and services organizations, David came to iVision with sales, business development and client services expertise that helped our company grow and evolve.

David holds a degree in Business from Pennsylvania State University. He served as captain of the men’s basketball team and was named to the academic all-conference team. After college, he played professional basketball in France before returning to the U.S. to start his business career.

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