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The term “Inside Sales” can take on a lot of different meanings and responsibilities between companies. A popular model for utilizing this position is lead generation, converting leads into customers remotely. Depending on the company, cost of goods being sold and the targeted customer base though, a true “Inside Sales Team” may or may not be the right fit for your organization.

Here at iVision, our Inside Sales representatives are more aligned as sales support. The main objective of our Sales Support team is to assist our Outside Sales reps so they can focus on what they do best – sell. Having the right sales support strategy can help better manage customer relationships, improve sales performance and customer retention. The Sales Support Team needs to be the jack of all trades when it comes to sales supporting. Trying to decide if this is the right function for your organization? Here are some of their daily responsibilities to help streamline your business:

Answering Customer Inquiries

While Outside Sales reps are out of the office meeting with potential and current clients, the Inside Sales Team holds down the fort. They manage everything that goes on behind the scenes to assure that no leads fall through, and every opportunity is capitalized on. Establishing this strong presence at home base helps keep everything afloat.

Customer Relationship Management

The Inside Sales Team serves as the eyes and ears for your sales success. They assist in accurate reporting on company goals and customer data, translating that information into actionable items to sales success. By keeping note of the hard facts, they’re able to support sound business decisions for moving forward with specific customers and ensure that your relationships remain strong.

Order Procurement

This team orders, tracks and manages customers’ products. This allows the Outside Sales Team to be one step ahead when communicating with customers and remain knowledgeable on their specific needs. They have all the information regarding a customer’s order they could ever need, keeping them in the loop and happy.

Relationship Building

Relationships are at the heart of sales. The Inside Sales Team develops relationships not only with distributors and customers, but with the Outside Sales Team. This communication is make or break for your business. By relying on one another, the two teams know how to best assist the other’s goals and achieve business objectives together.

With the correct amount of support and correct daily responsibilities that fit your company needs, productivity can multiply across your organization. But what level of support is appropriate? Too little support and performance drops. Too much support and funds are wasted. Keeping your Inside and Outside Sales Teams in constant communication with one another is key in creating this perfect balance. By establishing a strong relationship between the two, the proper amount of give and take can be established and business goals can be reached. Learn more about iVision’s solutions lifecycle services and how get your business up to speed.

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