The Cybersecurity Labor Shortage is Real – What Can You Do?

A Cybersecurity Labor Shortage Continues

The increased prevalence of data theft and security breaches across almost all industries continues to show that threat actors are becoming more pervasive and advanced. This further cements the need to have a mature, robust, and most of all effective security team in order to mitigate the risks an organization will face. In addition, the continually emerging threats necessitate full-time attention for proper security management.

If you’ve tried to staff a security team at your organization, you’ll have encountered firsthand one of the largest problems a company faces when working to protect from cybersecurity threats: staffing. The cybersecurity field has held steady at 0% unemployment for more than 3 years, and the ISACA State of Cybersecurity 2019 Report confirms that 69% of responding organizations had understaffed security teams. The cybersecurity labor shortage is real — and a problem.

Bridging the Skills Gap

In order to bridge the labor and skills gap, more and more companies are turning to as-a-service model solutions and leveraging trusted partnerships with MSPs and MSSPs for guidance. As implementing security in an environment is directly tied to complete and effective knowledge of that environment, organizations are seeing more benefit now from long-standing partnerships, reducing the appetite for multiple disparate vendors and solutions.

Things like log aggregation, event review, vulnerability management, and software patching are now available in a service model, reducing the amount of security and infrastructure staff required to effectively manage and secure an organization’s environment. Continuous review of network devices and their configurations can be contracted to MSSPs, reducing network staffing requirements while ensuring secure network design. Development organizations can have trusted partners help define and implement secure coding practices and continuous deployment methodologies tied to mature DevOps processes resulting in quicker vulnerability remediation with a reduction in operational staff. 

These and many more service-model solutions can allow a company to lower resource cost, streamline management, and reduce risk in their environment – even with the shortage of security labor. The necessity for effective security doesn’t sleep and it isn’t going to wait for more qualified candidates to appear before posing a threat to you. The good news is that you don’t have to wait, either.

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