Sleepless and Seattle

by Dan Newton

Much has been reported about the Surface Pro 4 and power management issues (from …and the Surface Pro 3 and sleep (see surface pro sleep) has had similar issues early on.

I’ve been dealing with sleep issues with my Surface Pro 3 for quite some time.  It got to a point where I would always shutdown the device and never rely on sleep to kick in.  Recently the folks in Seattle decided to create some helpful videos (Understanding Surface Power Management and Troubleshooting Surface power management)  on the subject that nagged me into taking yet another look at my issue.  Here’s what I’ve learned.

  • During sleep (“connected standby”) the device should be in “low power mode” about 95% of the time – my Surface never was in low power mode during connected standby
  • My Surface was configured to NEVER hibernate (even after a factory reset the setting for hibernate while on battery was set to “Never”)…according to Microsoft default is 7200 seconds (2 hours)
  • Using the command “powercfg / sleepstudy / output sleep.html” gave me a report that pointed to a USB controller using all the power in connected standby
    surface powercfgc sleepstudy output sleep.html report
  • I had issues with my Bluetooth mouse where the mouse needed to be power cycled after I left my computer for some period of time. I ended up UN-checking the “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” – This was my mistake and main issue around my Surface’s sleep problem
    marvell bluetooth adapter sleep problem surface

I hope this helps someone else who’s having a sleepless Surface.

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