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mobile first, cloud first

Hey you, What “Mobile First, Cloud First” means for your enterprise

"Mobile First, Cloud First:" we've heard Ballmer say it, and now it's become the rallying call behind new CEO Satya Nadella. Microsoft is going where the customers are, and that means opening up their massive infrastructure to support new tools. They want Azure to become the backend of choice for any mobile or online application. When it comes time for your next infrastructure refresh, consider investigating the cloud again. Read More

iVision Collaboration Benefits

Bring Your Own App (BYOA)

It’s no surprise with the growing trends around mobility that there is a resurgence of “rouge IT”. Rouge IT essentially means employees or teams adopting apps, tools, or solutions that directly contradict what corporate IT has provided. It’s been recently stated that 41% of employees insist the tools their company provides does not meet their needs. Let’s think back just 5 years ago when corporate provided apps were really all employees had. Think back before the expansion of the app marketplace and now carrying miniature super computers in our pockets. Now let’s fast forward and it is easy to count the free apps that augment our work activities. Read More

Why I left my Windows Phone for iPhone

My family, friends and coworkers know that I have been a big proponent (often call fan boy) of many of Microsoft’s products. I’ve been a Windows mobile user sense my days with a Motorola Q and have been with the MS phone platform ever sense then. Read More

Enterprise Networking by iVision

ASP.NET Web API Design

Visual Studio provides an option for web applications called ASP.NET Web API. This is a technology designed to make it easy to build HTTP-based solutions that follow the commonly accepted conventions for REST APIs. You can choose a Web API template or select the references when you create a new web project from within visual studio. Recently I led a course for Web API Design at Microsoft Virtual Academy and through a series of modules provided tips, tricks, and best practices and demonstrated how to leverage Web API to build REST-based se Read More

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