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DevOps Cloud-Based Workflows Deployment Options

DevOps: Continuous Deployment with Visual Studio Team Services and Docker

Learn how to use containers for continuous deployment with Visual Studio Team Services, VSTS and Docker with our example Angular 2 project in Github. Read More

Cloud Migration | Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

Disaster Recovery | June 16 If you think about it from a purely conceptual point of view the cloud can seem like the perfect disaster recovery platform. I have been around so many clients who have complained at length about dedicated disaster recovery location. Though most have moved past a “cold” disaster recovery model (meaning they […] Read More

Talk, Talk, Talk & Cloud Migration

In a cloud bound world, the options of which to choose become very relevant. At iVision, we have taken the approach of focusing on the two leaders in this space, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Read More

IT Operations and Support Services

The One Super Easy Security Thing You’re Not Doing

Securing your network can be a crazy and scary proposition….and it’s one of the IT tasks that is never completed. With the advent of cloud computing, the security landscape has expanded and with it new opportunities. One of these opportunities is to leverage the cloud for “Identity and Access”. Read More

mobile first, cloud first

Hey you, What “Mobile First, Cloud First” means for your enterprise

"Mobile First, Cloud First:" we've heard Ballmer say it, and now it's become the rallying call behind new CEO Satya Nadella. Microsoft is going where the customers are, and that means opening up their massive infrastructure to support new tools. They want Azure to become the backend of choice for any mobile or online application. When it comes time for your next infrastructure refresh, consider investigating the cloud again. Read More

Nano Server

Windows Nano Server – Early Learnings in Deployment

With Microsoft’s announcement and release of Windows Server 2016 (official name) Technical Preview 2, they have also released Nano Server. Ever since the early announcement of Nano Server I’ve been very anxious to try it out. One thing is for sure….it’s not easy to get going. And I hope that changes once 2016 is RTM’ed. Read More

Load Microsoft Authenticator on your PC for MFA

I was working with a client recently who wanted to take advantage of Microsoft Azure’s Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) service. This service can do a great number of things, but in particular they wanted to be able to integrate in MFA with their Cisco ASA VPN solution in order to help with PCI compliance. This design involves setting up a MFAS server onsite and then integrating it via RADIUS to be part of the Authentication chain. The service is pretty robust and most clients would choose to use their phone to receive the phone call, text message or even run the Authenticator App from Microsoft (Android, iPhone and Windows Stores) in order to provide that second factor in the authentication process. Read More

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