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End-to-end management of WinRM HTTP for PowerShell

Most organizations make heavy use of PowerShell, but it is much less common to see its remote management features deployed. It is even less common to see remote management secured using HTTPS. There are no good resources for maintaining the WinRM listener’s health, and updating the machine certificate used by the listener once the initial SSL certificate expires or is revoked. Until now! Read More

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Docker, Containers and the year of the Windows Desktop

If you're a Windows Systems Administrator or IT Pro, chances are you've seen this happy little fellow pop-up on Twitter, Ars Technica or TechEd and dismissed it. "Docker, eh? Sounds like App-V all over again", you might have opined into your coffee, even. However, recent news out of Redmond hints that Docker is coming to Windows in a strong way, and perhaps integrated even into the Operating System with Server 2015. Read More

Rube Goldberg & patching the enterprise with SCCM – Part 2

When patching (servers in particular) we recommend the use of Maintenance Windows (MWs). In SCCM Maintenance Windows are configuration “timers” that control the deployment of software and software updates. A given SCCM client can have multiple MWs and each are evaluated with a deployment is run on a given client. Read More

Rube Goldberg & patching the enterprise with SCCM – Part 1

Deploying software updates to the enterprise is not unlike one of these crazy cool machines. A server downloads all the updates from Microsoft, the clients scan the server for new updates that are required, then the server will create a new list of updates to push, the updates are sent to Deployment Points and a new Update Deployment is scheduled to run… Read More

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