Our Guide to Thriving & Surviving At Home

Hey, things are crazy right now. While it’s important to stay informed and aware by checking resources from the CDC, World Health Organization, and Johns Hopkins – you also might want some tips and tricks for how to just, well, get through this. We compiled a few things you might find helpful for working from home and social distancing from home.


Meet effectively

Turn on your video but be mindful of where you’re looking. Mute yourself in large meetings. Talk with your team about any new expectations for communication and availability. Schedule your lunch break.

Set up your workstation

Your sanity depends on being able to separate your work and personal life even if they’re both happening from the same room. A dedicated workspace is going to look different for everyone. Take time to set up something functional, comfortable and gives you privacy from your partner/roommate/kids/dog.

Work together

Find ways to connect with your immediate team and others across the company. Play Quarantine Bingo. Start a dedicated space on Webex Teams for people to chat casually and send gifs. Schedule virtual coffee chats.


Work out

Check out this workout database that covers all the basic movements for at-home exercise. Or if you’re someone who hates the word database, try free online workouts from Les Mills, CorePower Yoga or the Nike Training Club App. Try a 90-day free trial of the Peloton App for classes in yoga, meditation, strength, running and yes, cycling.

Stay entertained

Tips on having digital fun from our resident antisocial expert:

Go easy on yourself

Our lives are changing minute-by-minute. We are in an unprecedented era. Don’t force yourself to learn new skills in your free time if you don’t want to. Don’t try elaborate new recipes if you just need something that uses ingredients you already have at home. Volunteer remotely or listen to too many podcasts or help your kids during school closures or order from local restaurants on Uber Eats or just do the best you can. We’re all in this together.


That’s it. Seriously. Stay home.

Best (but could be better),

Your Friends at iVision


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