Client Engagement Value Spotlight: Paige Earhart

By Paige Earhart November 20, 2018
ivision fosters a learning environment for our employees.

ivision has a set of eight Client Engagement Values (CEVs). These are the core principles behind how we operate and how we service our clients. This blog series will highlight stories from our employees on how they interpret and embody these CEVs, whether in their career at ivision or in their personal lives.

I am passionate about learning and growth.

From college to career

Having graduated this past May, ivision has served as my first full-time job out of college. With only short-term internships under my belt, I was eager to experience a new environment where I could fully settle in and experience long-term growth. I was immediately met with many opportunities for learning such as daily training sessions with my manager, frequent meetings with coworkers of various practices, and internal syncs with my team. In an internal-facing role, my team constantly interacts with other ivision employees. Throughout these interactions, I was met with patience, support, and encouragement, allowing me to feel comfortable and confident in my new position.

Smooth transitions

As time progressed and I became acclimated to my responsibilities, I sought to reflect on my ongoing journey at ivision and what factors facilitated a smooth transition into a new role. First I thought of Lisa, my manager, and the time she dedicated to my training. While she was extremely busy with her own responsibilities, she made my learning a priority and always made sure to check in and provide insight into any new situation I encountered. Next, I thought of the resources provided for both new and existing hires. Through the mentorship program, new hires are given an advisor within the company that eases the transition into a new role. Finally, with ivision’s quarterly checkpoint program, employees are able to receive tangible, clear feedback on their performance as well as the opportunity to express concerns or opinions. In these checkpoints, we are also given the chance to discuss our career trajectories, preventing one from feelings of stagnation within a position.

Recipe for success

Passion for learning and growth demands two chief factors for optimal utilization: a curious mind and receptive surroundings. ivision’s positive environment facilitates an open space for asking questions, expressing opinions, and offering new opportunities to learn. While personal motivation and accountability are always required on my end, ivision provides a flourishing domain for growth and self-improvement that promotes a healthy work environment for our internal needs and, in turn, the needs of our clients.