iVision Tech Summit Recap: 5 things to Focus on in 2019

Each year, iVision holds our internal Tech Summit. For one full day, iVision team members join together to exchange ideas, celebrate accomplishments, and brainstorm innovative solutions for our clients. This year’s summit theme was FOCUS. Topics centered on improving your security posture, the importance of mono-tasking, and new developments in the IT world, all things that should be a focus for our team and our clients going into 2019.

iVision Tech Summit 2018

Every session was full of important information but five things resonated the loudest with our team. Here are our five things to FOCUS on in 2019:

  1. Ensuring Customer Success

    Each team, each employee in our company plays a role in helping ensure customer success. From our sales team and solution architects who find clients and engineer solutions for them to our service delivery team that makes sure we deliver on our promises, the focus of our business is always the same: customer success. We only count ourselves successful when we help our clients reach their goals. During Tech Summit, our CEO, Gabe Damiani, shared how each team impacts the overall customer success journey. In 2019, we’re focused on increasing our client success rate, improving our service delivery practice, and ensuring a seamless journey for each and every client.

  2. Strengthening Partner Relationships

    Being able to provide excellent customer solutions starts with having the most up-to-date insights into our partner technologies. Our team attends conferences, gains certifications, and works closely with our partners to make sure we’re experts in their solutions so we can architect and implement the right roadmaps for our clients. At this year’s Tech Summit, we discussed what our team learned at conferences like Cisco Live!, AWS re:Invent, and more. Our focus in 2019 is gaining more in-depth knowledge and forging even stronger relationships with our partner technologies like NetApp, VMware, PaloAlto, Cisco, Zerto, AlertLogic, AWS, Microsoft, Equinix and more! Our partner library has the right solution for any challenge our clients might face, and you can rest assured that our team can expertly engineer a solution to fit your needs.

  3. The Importance of Slowing Down

    Multitasking is huge in the business world. Sometimes it seems like we’re valued more on how many things we’re working on, rather than how well we’re accomplishing our goals. The downside to multitasking is that your focus is never fully on one task at a time. It’s impossible to spread yourself thin and do an exceptional job at the same time. One of the sessions that spoke most to me and, clearly, to the theme of focus was all about the art of monotasking. By focusing on one task at a time and delving into the root problems and solutions, we can more effectively help our clients reach their goals. In 2019, iVision team members will strive to focus their attention more intently to individual tasks, projects, and solutions, to ensure an exceptional experience for all clients.

  4. The Rise of Managed Services

    If you’ve seen any of my previous blog posts or videos, you’ll know I’m a huge proponent of managed services. The reason for this is simple: by outsourcing many of your routine maintenance tasks, you relieve your team from having to worry about the fire drills and allow them to instead focus on innovation. We’ve seen success stories from our clients who have leveraged our managed services offerings as a supplement to their on-site IT teams and have found that, when they’re not caught in the weeds of routine maintenance and operations, they are free to focus on growing the business. In 2019, iVision is committed to putting a focus on our Engineering & Support Services (ESS) team and providing more focused managed services offerings for our clients.

  5. Security, Security, Security…

    As always, cybersecurity is an integral part of a company’s IT environment, but one that is also extremely difficult to properly handle internally. Each day, hackers are coming up with new ways to infiltrate your IT environment and compromise your data and your clients’ data. So how do you make security a focus item for your team? You leverage technology that does the work for you. It’s almost impossible to keep up with all of the potential threats to your business when your staff is wearing multiple hats, but iVision’s SOC-as-a-service offerings and partnerships with companies like AlertLogic can help you know that your environment is secure. In 2019, iVision is focused on improving your security posture by expanding our portfolio and strengthening our support team to help thwart potential threats to your environment.

Walking away from this year’s Tech Summit, I’m so encouraged by the enthusiasm our team shows for growth and professionalism. Our team has one focused goal: to make sure that you, our clients, are meeting your goals with the solutions we’ve engineered and implemented. Your success is our success. Plain and simple. As we head into 2019, it’s important that our clients know we’re committed more than ever to growing our knowledge of cutting-edge technology, partnering with organizations and solutions that will streamline your daily operations, and provide you with the security you need to focus on your ultimate goals.

Enjoy this short glimpse into our Tech Summit and company social from iVision Studios. And remember to contact us to find out more about how we can help your team engineer solutions that allow you to focus on innovation. 


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