Mobile Responsive Web Design & Development

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Gone are the days of desktop. In today’s mobile world, we need to present our online presence in such a way that what is seen on the devices or screens does not do damage to our brand. We must consider the plethora of choices for mobile usage whether dumbphones (which aren’t as dumb as the old days), smartphones, tablets, and who knows what the future holds…

Mobile Collaboration: Empowering Collaboration in a Mobile World

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There is no longer a question of the importance of mobile, mobile applications, or a mobile-first mobile responsive web presence. In a world where mobile internet usage has no surpassed desktop internet usage, how can businesses better facilitate collaboration of our mobile-immersed employees? Is the intranet mobile responsive? Are web applications mobile responsive? Are the existing collaboration tools enabled for mobile devices (native apps) or are they mobile responsive web applications?

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