Empower Your IT Staff

Published: July 1, 2015   |   No Comments  |  Read more

We can’t just point and click our way to answers anymore. The modern IT Infrastructure has more devices, more computers, more phones, more Access Points, Storage Units and Servers than ever before. Virtualized Infrastructure made it easy for us to “just add another VM”, and before we knew it, we all ended up with Infrastructure Sprawl. If we’re trying to manage our systems and get work done using the Next-Next-Next-Finish style of systems administration, we’re all going to have to work through lunch, and the weekend’s not looking too good either.

Hey you, What “Mobile First, Cloud First” means for your enterprise

Published: May 28, 2015   |   No Comments  |  Read more

“Mobile First, Cloud First:” we’ve heard Ballmer say it, and now it’s become the rallying call behind new CEO Satya Nadella. Microsoft is going where the customers are, and that means opening up their massive infrastructure to support new tools. They want Azure to become the backend of choice for any mobile or online application. When it comes time for your next infrastructure refresh, consider investigating the cloud again.

Docker, Containers and the year of the Windows Desktop

Published: February 19, 2015   |   2 Comments  |  Read more

If you’re a Windows Systems Administrator or IT Pro, chances are you’ve seen this happy little fellow pop-up on Twitter, Ars Technica or TechEd and dismissed it. “Docker, eh? Sounds like App-V all over again”, you might have opined into your coffee, even. However, recent news out of Redmond hints that Docker is coming to Windows in a strong way, and perhaps integrated even into the Operating System with Server 2015.

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