Bring Your Own App (BYOA)

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It’s no surprise with the growing trends around mobility that there is a resurgence of “rouge IT”. Rouge IT essentially means employees or teams adopting apps, tools, or solutions that directly contradict what corporate IT has provided. It’s been recently stated that 41% of employees insist the tools their company provides does not meet their needs. Let’s think back just 5 years ago when corporate provided apps were really all employees had. Think back before the expansion of the app marketplace and now carrying miniature super computers in our pockets. Now let’s fast forward and it is easy to count the free apps that augment our work activities.

Collaboration – What does it mean?

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We used to understand the word collaboration. Now the buzzword is everywhere claiming this tool or that tool will help you ‘collaborate’ better. Many of these tools may help your business, but how do you evaluate the need, the use cases, or the value?