SCCM and Patching Internet Clients

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We had a customer recently that needed to setup a second Software Update Point (SUP) to support internet clients. We ran into a strange issue after the SUP role was installed. The WSUSCrtl.log was reporting the following error: “ the request failed with the HTTP status 404”.

Functional Levels and PowerShell

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We were prepping a global enterprise to raise their forest and domain functional levels to Windows Server 2012 R2. We wanted to know that ALL the DCs were seeing/registering the new level. So in comes my favorite scripting tool – PowerShell.

Rube Goldberg & Patching the Enterprise with SCCM (Part 2)

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When patching (servers in particular) we recommend the use of Maintenance Windows (MWs). In SCCM Maintenance Windows are configuration “timers” that control the deployment of software and software updates. A given SCCM client can have multiple MWs and each are evaluated with a deployment is run on a given client.

Rube Goldberg & Patching the Enterprise with SCCM (Part 1)

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Deploying software updates to the enterprise is not unlike one of these crazy cool machines. A server downloads all the updates from Microsoft, the clients scan the server for new updates that are required, then the server will create a new list of updates to push, the updates are sent to Deployment Points and a new Update Deployment is scheduled to run…