Mergers and Acquisitions and Asset Management, Oh My!

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Mergers and acquisitions are a part of every business sector. As companies grow and change, ownership is bound to change hands and organizations will continue to find themselves struggling to integrate not only people and company values but also a litany of technologies and processes. From an IT perspective, mergers are, at best, a complex […]

Pass the Hash, I’m Hungry

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I started a GPO cleanup project implementing security recommendations. One recommendation was listed as “Implement Client-Side Pass-The-Hash Mitigations”.

Sleepless and Seattle

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Much has been reported about the Surface Pro 4 and power management issues …and the Surface Pro 3 and sleep has had similar issues early on.

The One Super Easy Security Thing You’re Not Doing

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Securing your network can be a crazy and scary proposition….and it’s one of the IT tasks that is never completed. With the advent of cloud computing, the security landscape has expanded and with it new opportunities. One of these opportunities is to leverage the cloud for “Identity and Access”.

Windows Nano Server – Early Learnings in Deployment

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With Microsoft’s announcement and release of Windows Server 2016 (official name) Technical Preview 2, they have also released Nano Server. Ever since the early announcement of Nano Server I’ve been very anxious to try it out. One thing is for sure….it’s not easy to get going. And I hope that changes once 2016 is RTM’ed.

Why I left my Windows Phone for iPhone

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My family, friends and coworkers know that I have been a big proponent (often call fan boy) of many of Microsoft’s products. I’ve been a Windows mobile user sense my days with a Motorola Q and have been with the MS phone platform ever sense then.