Optimizing your data systems environments and collaboration applications with technologies that deliver better Business Intelligence and more in-depth analytics can produce massive gains for productivity, and at the very least, provide for more meaningful and insightful predictions that can be acted on with confidence.

iVision Analytics & Data Management Benefits

  • Predictive analytics
    Reporting to help guide business direction and new developments with current and insightful predictive analytics.
  • Business intelligence tools
    Appropriate implementation and use of business intelligence tools to improve productivity, inform and support business decisions.
  • Discovery and predictive data models
    Discovery and predictive data models producing effective analysis and providing more time for insightful and meaningful communications to guide decisions.
  • Always-on processes
    Available, always-on processes for peering into the future and harnessing past experiences.
  • Illustrative communications
    Illustrative communications of data insights, business predictions and outcomes.
  • Automated technologies
    Automated technologies that service the needs of business intelligence and provide time for more interpretation and confidence in the way forward.

Business Intelligence (BI):
Automate this, analyze that, and save time for insight.

Peering into the future and harnessing data from past experiences is getting easier to automate, and is saving time for analysts to deliver more meaningful insights faster and with more decision support.

Leading with automation technologies through the use of advanced machine learning, data mining and predictive analytics technologies (among others), our Infrastructure and Application Development teams bring extensive knowledge and collective experiences to help you better collaborate and communicate using secure and useful data with a solid Business Intelligence (BI) framework. We develop and integrate with cross-platform solutions that are responsive, mobile-ready and geared for collaborative social and document management sharing.

After reviewing your data structures, we can make recommendations and improve on data sharing policies, report creation processes, bridge systems with disparate databases, customize and integrate for improved reporting distribution, improve user access controls, and integrate with rich reporting technology services and tool sets.

Our reporting and collaboration solutions often share across common business applications, such as Office 365 and SharePoint applications, as well as with custom line-of-business applications (LOB apps) or management system dashboards.

Keeping in mind your business goals and organizational culture, we build appropriate platforms, clusters, BI stacks and reporting delivery methods designed to provide the speed and integrated feature sets needed to deliver simple to complex data for static and dynamic ad-hoc reporting services, ultimately providing the insights you need to transform and propel your business forward.

Increase query power and drive strong results.

Through the use of data mining and delivery platforms, online analytical processing (OLAP) over multi-dimensional relational databases, and tapping into online integrated services, we accelerate the process of extracting, transforming and loading (ETL) complex data.

We can further optimize solutions with automated SQL queries driving dynamic and static reporting that can be further integrated into common applications – freeing up resources to analyze droves of information, and provide insightful predictions about where business is headed and ideas to further explore.

Whether you need data management and reporting systems on-premises or delivered through online cloud services, we make sure your organization can access healthy data systems and generate practical reports and data visualization to drive your decision-making and new developments.


Providing in-depth service consulting to help build-out infrastructure needed to increase querying power and report generation, processing, rendering and distribution, we often leverage developing and deploying services with Microsoft technologies such as SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). We also work with emerging big data management systems such as PowerPivot and Hadoop, and can provide implementation support, application development and integration services for these technologies and others; such as, Power BI hybrid solutions, partially implemented on-premises and partially through Office 365. SharePoint serves as a big draw for many companies to deliver customizations through a common interface to their users through SharePoint BI, an on-premises model, or through SharePoint via Azure – an online service model.

“Gabe [Damiani] and his team weren’t just trying to shove things down my throat to make a sale. They were able to look forward and think forward.”

- CIO, major U.S. product liability law firm

Consumption/usage analytics:
Enriching experiences and ROI.

iVision leads the charge to deliver consumption analytics technologies, adding more value to client engagements and intrinsically driving new revenue for its clients.

Understanding and interpreting data service usage helps application developers, marketers, sales teams, content administrators and others realize the value of their data services through the eyes of the beholder, and use the analysis to determine their next feature, fix or solution. Termed consumption analytics, the process of analyzing this real-time multi-dimensional information is a gold mine for developers to see where and what to adapt based on usage/consumption analytics. The practice of consumption analytics emboldens the many possibilities for any product or service. It’s a way to understand the user experience, when and how customers are engaged, and for many, it’s a way to better forecast with great accuracy and/or a way to plan for capacity.

Many of our iVision clients use consumption analytics to their benefit. Consumption analytics is gaining in popularity on many fronts, such as with mobility trends like BYOD, the Internet of Things (IoT), device and system monitoring capabilities, wearable tech, and even following the detailed behaviors of Users/consumers, networking and systems performance. iVision is a leader in consumption analytics, and we help clients drive continual revenue by incorporating the related technologies wherever practical. The consumption analytics results and ensuing processes further help development teams provide a cost-effective small scale-out to test new developments with less risk and dramatically reduce new product/service time-to-market. A huge advantage is that development teams, and others who provision through cloud services, can pay by the consumption model – only paying for what was used and only when it was used – a huge savings!

Analytics & Data Management core services

  • SQL BI Stack (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS) Development
  • Emerging Big Data Capabilities (PowerPivot & Hadoop)
  • Enterprise Application Integration & Orchestration Solutions
  • Dashboard Analytics & Data Visualization
  • Power BI
  • Ad-hoc Dynamic Reporting
  • Application Insights through Consumption Analytics
  • SharePoint Reporting & Visualization Applications and Developments

"Our experience with iVision is underpinned by the fact that the ethics, values and approaches of both of our organizations are aligned and shared."

- CIO, leading global reinsurance firm
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